DePuy Spring Creek L.L.C.

Enjoy the best spring creek fishing in SW Montana!

DePuy Spring Creek is a world-class trout fishery nestled between the breathtaking vistas of the Absaroka and Gallatin mountain ranges in beautiful Paradise Valley south of Livingston, Montana. This exceptional fishery supports a wild population of brown, cutthroat and rainbow trout in its approximately 3-mile length.

This is a classic western spring creek in every sense. Insect hatches are predictable, plentiful and offer the angler an unparalleled fly fishing experience. The mayflies, midges, caddis, terrestrials, and other aquatic insects are richly abundant in creek's clear waters, and the healthy riparian zone abounds with birds and wildlife.

The Fishing

The creek has a wide variety of water types that should suit any anglers temperament. Approximately 3 miles of creek twists its way through the ranch property creating many riffles, runs, pools, slow glides, deep water pockets and weed-channeled sections that will tempt and challenge the abilities of any angler. There is even a pond for the angler that wishes to use a float-tube.

The creek has been managed by our family since Warren DePuy created this fishing haven in the late 50's on our ranch by the Yellowstone river. We've protected the natural production of the creek by fencing out our cattle and sheep, monitoring the water quality, and making sure anglers practice catch-and-release fishing.

Warming Hut on the Creek

Over the years, we've added some angler conveniences, including several warming huts for those chilly fall and winter fishing days (also handy spots to enjoy your lunch on those rainy days), cleared trails along many sections of the creek for easy access to the creek, and placed benches here and there for relaxation and fish spotting. We're continually working to make the fishing experience more interesting for your future enjoyment.


While enjoying the angling experiences of DePuy Spring Creek llc, take some time to observe the various forms of wildlife that make up the ecosystem surrounding the creek.

Ducks, geese and many species of birds can be found along the creek. Tree, Bank and Cliff Swallows are common along with Warblers, Fly-Catchers, Waxwings, Blackbirds, Thrushes, Meadowlarks and Sparrows. An occasional Sand Hill Crane can be seen and heard in the fields. Several species of hawks, along with Bald and Golden Eagles and Ospreys, are regular visitors.

Beavers, muskrats, mink, raccoons, skunks, red foxes, marmots and ground squirrels are regularly seen by visitors. There are plenty of White-tail and Mule deer on the property and a moose will occasionally want to share a fishing spot. Black bears, mountain lions, bobcats and elk have all been observed at various times. Take some time to observe and enjoy the scenery and the wildlife - it will add to the overall enjoyment to a day of fishing on the creek.

A wise person once said that stream etiquette is nothing more than common sense. Simply put: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." If there is a question about encroaching on another angler's space, just ask.

As the current DePuy generation operating the original cattle ranch, the creek is special to us. Whether it's your first time, or you've been coming here for years, we hope you enjoy your time on DePuy Spring Creek. We're proud to have you here on the best spring creek in Southwest Montana.

Daryl and Theresa Smith

Daryl and Theresa Smith

DePuy ("Dee Pew") Spring Creek is located 5 miles south of I-90 (exit 333) on US Highway 89 South at mile marker 48, a short 45 minute drive from the major airport in Bozeman, Montana.

In 1905, the DePuy family moved from Kansas to Livingston where they purchased a small farm on the Yellowstone river in Paradise Valley, supporting the family with farming, sheep and cattle ranching. Over the years, additional property was added to create the current DePuy ranch.

During the late 1950’s, Warren DePuy decided to build a fish hatchery on the property. After obtaining ownership of the water rights to a large spring creek that flowed through a portion of the ranch, he bulldozed a diversion to redirect the creek outflow so it could feed the newly-built hatchery. Work to connect two creeks The original fish hatchery According to an article in the Park Electric paper, in a few short years, the hatchery grew to be one of the largest in the country.

The hatchery was short lived, though, because a new highway was surveyed and constructed through the hatchery area located at what is now the main entrance. A dragline creating the new creek During the highway construction, the original creek was dredged to add a series of new channels, drops, pools, and runs throughout the ranch, resulting in our world-famous spring creek fishery. The work also added ponds for the waterfowl common to the river bottom, as well as the magnificent Trumpeter Swans brought here via a cooperative venture between the DePuy family and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

Buzz Basini operates a small but complete flyshop, Spring Creek Specialists, near the upper end of the creek. Contact Buzz for up-to-date creek info - phone 406.222.5664 or email